[gs-devel] Adding font to ghostview problem

Chris Liddell chris.liddell at artifex.com
Thu Dec 9 10:11:55 UTC 2010

So, this is ghostscript and not ghostview - I almost ignored your
message because it's got ghostview in the subject line.

I strongly suspect the problem is that pdf2ps uses the (largely)
deprecated pswrite device, which has lots of problems, especially where
fonts are concerned. So you might want to use ps2ps2 instead (despite
the name, it will accept PDF input), which uses the ps2write device, and
is much more up to date - the caveat is that ps2write doesn't (yet) emit
DSC compliant Postscript (hence the "largely" above).


On 09/12/10 09:22, shin10 wrote:
> Hi
> I'm using windows XP and i have installed ghostscript to convert PDF files
> to PS.
> The problem is that the PS file dosn't have to PDF file font (custom one
> RotiSemiSans).
> What I did is that I installed the gs version 8.71.
> I'v downloaded the font catalogue and added it to c:\program files\gs\
> folder.
> Added to the enviroment files GS_LIB with "C:\Program Files\gs\fonts" and to
> PATH the lib and bin paths
> when I open the command prompt and type PDF2PS e:\test.pdf e:\post.ps I
> don't have any message that there is a problem with finding font but the
> created document doesn't hold this font :(
> How to add this font to my gs ?? can i turn on some promp in ghostscript to
> see that it could't find the font from PDF?? Can I use some command to see
> all available fonts? please help coz I've lost already 2 days searching for
> answer ;(

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