[gs-devel] Adding font to ghostcrip problem -> compresion

shin10 margan10 at o2.pl
Fri Dec 10 10:08:29 UTC 2010

Ok I switched to ps2ps the font was ok. What I mean by "it was ok" is that
when i converted PDF->PS and then PS->PDF, on the document preview (PDF) it
looked quite different than original one. But the printed version looks the
same. In the converted PDF i can't select text no more, coz it looks like a
print screen or sommething, nevertheless it,s working but...

Now I have one more problem. When I convert a PDF file which has about 144
KB the result I get is PS file size 4,5 MB...it's way to large for me
because the service will need to send about 1000-1500 letters to the
printer-house in few hours...is there a way to add some compresion to it or
somm like that??

Chris Liddell wrote:
> So, this is ghostscript and not ghostview - I almost ignored your
> message because it's got ghostview in the subject line.
> I strongly suspect the problem is that pdf2ps uses the (largely)
> deprecated pswrite device, which has lots of problems, especially where
> fonts are concerned. So you might want to use ps2ps2 instead (despite
> the name, it will accept PDF input), which uses the ps2write device, and
> is much more up to date - the caveat is that ps2write doesn't (yet) emit
> DSC compliant Postscript (hence the "largely" above).
> Chris
> On 09/12/10 09:22, shin10 wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm using windows XP and i have installed ghostscript to convert PDF
>> files
>> to PS.
>> The problem is that the PS file dosn't have to PDF file font (custom one
>> RotiSemiSans).
>> What I did is that I installed the gs version 8.71.
>> I'v downloaded the font catalogue and added it to c:\program files\gs\
>> folder.
>> Added to the enviroment files GS_LIB with "C:\Program Files\gs\fonts" and
>> to
>> PATH the lib and bin paths
>> when I open the command prompt and type PDF2PS e:\test.pdf e:\post.ps I
>> don't have any message that there is a problem with finding font but the
>> created document doesn't hold this font :(
>> How to add this font to my gs ?? can i turn on some promp in ghostscript
>> to
>> see that it could't find the font from PDF?? Can I use some command to
>> see
>> all available fonts? please help coz I've lost already 2 days searching
>> for
>> answer ;(
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