[gs-devel] Adding font to ghostcrip problem -> compresion

Ken Sharp ken.sharp at artifex.com
Fri Dec 10 10:15:41 UTC 2010

At 02:08 10/12/2010 -0800, shin10 wrote:

In passing, please note that this is a forum for developers using 
Ghostscript, not a general support forum for users. GPL Ghostscript is 
supplied without support, though you can get some assistance from the 
Ghostscript developers on the #ghostscript IRC channel on Freenode.

>Ok I switched to ps2ps the font was ok. What I mean by "it was ok" is that
>when i converted PDF->PS and then PS->PDF, on the document preview (PDF) it
>looked quite different than original one. But the printed version looks the
>same. In the converted PDF i can't select text no more, coz it looks like a
>print screen or sommething, nevertheless it,s working but...
>Now I have one more problem. When I convert a PDF file which has about 144
>KB the result I get is PS file size 4,5 MB...it's way to large for me
>because the service will need to send about 1000-1500 letters to the
>printer-house in few hours...is there a way to add some compresion to it or
>somm like that??

You should be using ps2ps2 (as Chris said) *not* ps2ps. ps2ps still uses 
pswrite, amongst other things this means all text will be converted to 
bitmaps. So you can't select it (because it isn't text) and it is *much* 
bigger than a comparable PDF using fonts and text.

Either use ps2ps2 or better, use Ghostscript directly and select 
-sDEVICE=ps2write from the command line.


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