[gs-devel] TIFF LZW Compression

Eric Burcham eburcham at voxtechnologies.com
Tue Dec 14 16:28:59 UTC 2010

Hello all!  Ghostscript noob here.

I am interested in controlling the compression level of the tifflzw output.  When I use that particular filter, I get a nice small file, but any images look awful.

If you have other advice, basically I'm looking for a TIFF output that has a fair compromise between file size and embedded image quality.  So far I have taken the following notes:

tiff12nc, tiff24nc, and tiffgrey all have excellent clarity, but result in very large files.  The rest all result in tiny files, but with unuseable images.  We're wanting to use the resulting TIFF files to do OCR, so reasonably clear images is a must.

I'm hoping there is a way to use a TIFF output that offers compression, but control the level of compression so that the clarity comes out OK.

Any and all suggestions GREATLY appreciated!


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