[gs-devel] Problem converting to PDF/A

Ken Sharp ken.sharp at artifex.com
Fri Dec 31 19:55:24 UTC 2010

At 14:31 31/12/2010 -0500, John Culleton wrote:

> > This mailing list is really intended for developers using
> > Ghostscript in an application, not for general Ghostscript usage
> > questions or bug reports.
> >
>Is there a GhostScript users mailing list?

I don't think so, there is gs-bugs, which gets all the bug traffic, 
gs-commits which gets all the repository commit traffic. The full list is here:

Your best bet is to raise a bug, ask questions on IRC channel #ghostscript 
at freenode.net, or comp.lang.postscript in Usenet.


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