[gs-devel] clipping parameters w/ device pdfwrite

Ken Sharp ken.sharp at artifex.com
Sat Apr 9 08:20:59 UTC 2011

At 18:20 08/04/2011 -0400, andrealphus wrote:

>I have a question regarding (what I believe to be) a clipping
>parameter for transparent ps overlays. I am converting a ps to pdf and
>have multiple appended ps files of shiptrack multibeam data. (Making a
>map). The regions in the ps layer that contain no data are set as

If you are using PostScript, this cannot be the case, there is no 
transparency in PostScript, the closest there is, is overprinting.

>Any suggestions on what parameters I can change in gs to get
>comparable Adobe output.

None I'm afraid, we would need to see a (simple !) example before we could 

>I'm including the gs script I run, and the Adobe job.options file.
>I'm sorry if this is going around to the wrong maillist but I am my wits 

This list is for those developing Ghostacript and developing with 
Ghostscript, not for usage questions. There is a Ghostscript forum on 


If you are convinced there is a bug you can open a bug report on Bugzilla:


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