[gs-devel] Operator redefinition

DEÁK JAHN, Gábor djg at tramontana.co.hu
Tue Sep 6 11:15:38 UTC 2011


I'm desperately trying to redefine .fillpage because I have to place several original pages onto one (a kind of imposition) and the current colored rectangle this operator creates is detrimental in my case. I tried all solutions I could think of (delay binding, -dWRITESYSTEMDICT, obind, odef) but either the redefinition doesn't take place (if issued before GS_PDF_Procset) or I get an invalidaccess error. What could be the solution (short of recompiling GS with zfillpage() butchered that I wouldn't like to do, I do need the original, unharmed program in many other cases)?

"systemdict /.fillpage known =" says the operator is in systemdict all right.

"/.fillpage { } bind odef" (with all other variations of bind and def) is invalidaccess even if writing systemdict is allowed via the command line.


Gábor DEÁK JAHN -- Budapest, Hungary
E-mail: djg at tramontana.co.hu

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