[gs-devel] ghostcript and gsview with sticky notes

Chris Liddell chris.liddell at artifex.com
Tue Jan 24 17:28:42 UTC 2012


Sorry for the delay. I finally remembered to check with my colleagues, 
and Ghostscript doesn't support what you require.

In "technical terms", Ghostscript only displays the default appearance 
stream for annotations. "Sticky notes" are just a type of annotation.


On 09/01/12 18:27, John A. Wallace wrote:
> Chris,
> Hello. Yours was the first reply, and thank you for that. The problem is
> easy enough to reproduce with any Adobe Reader capable of making the yellow
> sticky notes, using Adobe Reader X for example, which is free and
> downloadable; but I would gladly provide an example as an attachment for one
> of the developers to see, if that is easier. Whenever such a document is
> opened, when you mouse over the yellow sticky, a pop-up appears with the
> note's text showing in it.
> The little window is expandable so that more of the text can be seen. The
> text in these little pop-up windows is also editable. Based on what you
> stated about the capabilities of Ghostscript and GSView, I would not expect
> the same editability, but I would like to be able to see the whole note when
> moused over. Alternatively, on my wish list I would include a feature that
> allows me to read such notes off to the side, in one document perhaps.
> John
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>> Hello,
>> I don't know if anyone else replied, but.....
>> Ghostscript is an interpreter/renderer and GSView is a GUI for it, they
>> don't support editing PDF files, so there is no expectation of adding
>> or
>> changing the source PDF, and that includes such "notes".
>> I think Ghostscript ought to be able to display the content of the
>> "notes", but to be sure, one of us (the GS devs) would have to examine
>> an example. But even if GS can, it may be that GSView doesn't expose
>> that functionality - I rarely use GSView.....
>> Chris
>> On 28/12/11 22:11, John A. Wallace wrote:
>>> Hello.  I hope this is the right place to ask this question, but if
>> it is
>>> not then please advise accordingly.   I have Ghostscript 9.04 and
>> GSView 4.9
>>> on a WinXP Pro laptop.  When I open a PDF document in Adobe Reader X,
>> I am
>>> able to add little yellow stick notes to it as notes, save the
>> document and
>>> later reopen it with these notes available for reading and editing.
>>> However, when I open this same document in GSView, it displays the
>> yellow
>>> stickies but it does not show the text of the notes and it does not
>> allow me
>>> to edit any of them.  Am I not doing something correctly or is this
>> not a
>>> feature that is supported by your programs?  Thanks.
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