[gs-devel] Fwd: Issue with binary stream on MinGW build

Chris Liddell chris.liddell at artifex.com
Wed Jan 23 16:01:18 UTC 2013

On 23 January 2013 15:35, deb <otrov at hush.ai> wrote:

> >It's not clear to me what needs to be done to add the setmode() call:
> >specifically, which header file(s) need to be included. There seems to
> >be no documentation on it.
> Chris, I got this link from MinGW list:
> http://oldwiki.mingw.org/index.php/binary
> Hope it's useful

Not really, sorry.

But a bit of guesswork got me something that builds and runs:

I can't say whether it actually works, though.

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