[gs-devel] Changes to the Ghostscript PDF Interpreter

Ken Sharp ken.sharp at artifex.com
Tue Jun 1 16:37:24 UTC 2021

Hi Wolfgang,

At 17:25 01/06/2021, Wolfgang Glunz wrote:

>thanks for the info. Does this mean that the PDF interpreter no longer 
>runs the PostScript moveto/lineto/... and other basic operations?

The new PDF interpreter will not run PostScript, at all.

While it will be possible to drive it from the PostScript environment, it 
directly calls the graphics library, it doesn't execute the PostScript 

>That would definitively break pstoedit since pstoedit relies on 
>overwriting (via PostScript) those operations to capture vector information.

I'm afraid I don't see a solution, other than turning the PDF file into a 
PostScript file using ps2write, and then executing the PostScript file to 
the PDF device (assuming you want a PDF file back out again).


                             Ken Sharp

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