[gs-devel] Can Ghostscript stream PDF?

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Wed Jun 2 15:38:17 UTC 2021

Quoting Till Kamppeter (2021-06-02 16:37:55)
> On 02/06/2021 16:00, Chris Liddell wrote:
> > On 02/06/2021 14:43, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> >> If I understand you correctly that GhostPDL can be built _without_ 
> >> PCL support and there is a use-case for that, then that's 
> >> interesting to me and I could look into shipping such gpld runtime 
> >> with Debian.
> > 
> > It can't be built that way *now*, I've said I'll look into 
> > supporting choosing inputs with configure when I have the time.
> > 
> > We do also hope to have an option to build the PCL interpreter with 
> > a cut down AGPL compliant/compatible set of fonts. This would end up 
> > with a not-100% compliant PCL5 implementation, but it is 
> > *relatively* rare (outside of custom or test suites) these days to 
> > see even PCL5 files that rely on the standard font set, rather than 
> > embedding fonts.
> > 
> > But working out what that minimal font set should and can be is 
> > going to take some time.

No need to hurry for my sake, Chris.  I only meant to share my interest 
in redistributing GhostPDL _when_ it is ready.

> Jonas, GhostPDL supports many input formats, not only PCL. See
> https://artifex.com/blog/the-evolution-of-ghostpdl
> Especially you can feed in PWG Raster and many different types of 
> images, which all do not need any fonts at all. So creating a Debian 
> package of GhostPDL even makes sense if PCL input does not work due to 
> lack of included fonts. First, PCL as input is rare, probably it is much 
> more made use of the other input formats. You also can tell in some 
> README file that for full PCL input support the user needs to download 
> some non-free fonts and from where to download them.

Thanks. Till.  I am aware that GhostPDL has _use_ unrelated to PCL, but 
uncertain if possible (without custom patches) to _redistribute_ without 
legally being bound by either the AFPL license or a discrete license 
from Artifex - neither of which comply with Debian Free Software 

 - Jonas

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