[gs-devel] Recent preview-latex (or latex?) is again incompatible with ghostscript

Ikumi Keita ikumi at ikumi.que.jp
Tue May 25 17:36:49 UTC 2021

Hi Chris,

>>>>> Chris Liddell <chris.liddell at artifex.com> writes:
> Your command uses "-dDELAYBIND" but I cannot see anywhere in the above
> that your code calls the ".bindnow" operation.


> Whilst I *think* adding the .bindnow call will resolve your issue, I
> would *strongly* urge you (maybe not immediately, but at some point) to
> review why you have DELAYBIND in there. From the example you posted,
> there is no reason for it, and it has security, performance and
> behaviour implications - especially if not used properly.

Ah, thanks a lot. I realized my fault that I failed to follow your
instruction when you first provided the solution. You wrote

> Add the option -dDELAYBIND to your gs command line, include a suitable
> redefinition of initgraphics, then call .bindnow, and continue as
> before.

but my elisp code adds ".bindnow" only when preview-latex tries to tweak
foreground color while adding "-dDELAYBIND" option always.

After I modified the code to supply "-dDELAYBIND" only when necessary,
the error disappeared. preview-latex works for both cases when it tries
to tweak foreground color and does not.

Thank you very much!

Ikumi Keita

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