[gs-devel] Type42 FontBBox ignored

David Newall ghostscript at davidnewall.com
Mon May 31 04:09:31 UTC 2021

I'm trying to change the line height for a font by redefining FontBBox 
using the following code:

    /RedefinedFont /OriginalFont findfont dup length dict begin
    	{ 1 index /FID ne 2 index /UniqueID ne and 2 index /XUID ne and {def} {pop pop} ifelse } forall
    	[(Original FontBBox)/FontBBox load]==
    	/FontBBox [ /FontBBox load aload pop dup dup 5 -1 roll sub 1.3 mul sub 3 1 roll ] def % increase line height by 30%
    	[(Redefined FontBBox)/FontBBox load]==
    	/FontName 1 index def
    end definefont
    [(Stored FontBBox)/RedefinedFont findfont /FontBBox get]==

This works with a type 42 font embedded in the PostScript that I send to 
a PS printer (HP 9050) but not using GhostScript  9.26 on Ubuntu 16.04.

FontBBox is correctly recalculated but the original FontBBox is restored 
after definefont.  For example, having re-encoded NimbusRoman-Regular as 
type 42 using FontForge, I get the following trace output:

    [(Original FontBBox) {-0.168 -0.281 1.0 1.053}]
    [(redefined FontBBox) [-0.168 -0.681199908 1.0 1.053]]
    [(Stored FontBBox) [-0.168 -0.281 1.0 1.053]]

Note that the type of FontBBox has been changed from an executable 
array, which is consistent with how I redefined it, but the values are 
the original ones.

If I remove FontBBox from the type 42 definition, the dictionary 
returned by findfont has no FontBBox, as one would expect.  If there is 
a FontBBox, it doesn't, no matter what values are given in the original 
definition, the result of definefont always uses recalculated values.

Obviously I can work around this by only using type 1 fonts but I'd 
really like it to work as expected with type 42.

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