[gs-regression] local cluster regression gs-r10748 / ghostpdl-r10744

marcos.woehrmann at artifex.com marcos.woehrmann at artifex.com
Fri Feb 12 15:44:09 UTC 2010

Changed files:
U    gs/psi/zcolor.c

Products tested: gs 

ran 23309 tests in 1515 seconds on 5 nodes

No differences in 18941 non-pdfwrite tests

No differences in 4368 pdfwrite tests

The following 2 regression file(s) have started producing errors:
tests_private/comparefiles/Bug690379.pdf.ppmraw.300.1 gs i7a macpro Timeout_reading_input_file
tests_private/comparefiles/Bug690425.pdf.pdf.pkmraw.300.0 gs pdfwrite i7 macpro Timeout_reading_Ghostscript_produced_PDF_File

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