[gs-regression] cluster regression ghostpdl-r10807

atfxsw01 at sabalcore.com atfxsw01 at sabalcore.com
Wed Feb 24 22:47:55 UTC 2010

ran 8800 tests with pcl6 in 923.371 seconds on 36 nodes

DIFFERENCES in 5 of 8800 tests
  tests_private/xl/pcl6cet/c327.bin (bitrgb 600dpi)
  tests_private/xl/pcl6cet3.0/C327.bin (bitrgb 600dpi)
  tests_private/xl/pxlfts/t328.bin (bitrgb 600dpi)
  tests_private/xl/pxlfts2.0/t328.bin (bitrgb 600dpi)
  tests_private/xl/pxlfts3.0/T328.BIN (bitrgb 600dpi)

ERROR running 1 of 8800 tests
  tests_private/xl/pxlfts2.0/t421.bin (wtsimdi 600dpi)
no output

Updating baselines with test differences.

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