[gs-regression] local cluster regression r10821

marcos.woehrmann at artifex.com marcos.woehrmann at artifex.com
Sat Feb 27 17:24:05 UTC 2010

Changed files:
U    gs/Resource/Init/gs_ttf.ps

Products tested: gs pcl  xps 

ran 36858 tests in 1562 seconds on 6 nodes

No differences in 28021 non-pdfwrite tests

No differences in 8837 pdfwrite tests

The following 2 regression file(s) have started producing errors:
tests_private/customer_tests/hd10edwf.pcl.pdf.ppmraw.75.0 pcl pdfwrite peeves peeves Timeout_reading_Ghostscript_produced_PDF_File
tests_private/customer_tests/sestest.prn.pdf.ppmraw.600.0 pcl pdfwrite i7 macpro Timeout_reading_Ghostscript_produced_PDF_File

The following 1 regression file(s) have stopped producing errors:
tests_private/customer_tests/pmr61931.pcl.ppmraw.600.1 pcl i7b i7 Timeout_reading_input_file


The following 7 regression file(s) had differences but matched at least once in the previous 50 runs:
tests_private/pcl/pcl5cats/Subset/WW2KESC3.BIN.pdf.ppmraw.600.0 pcl pdfwrite i7a macpro 10790 21 
tests_private/pcl/pcl5ccet/29-07.BIN.pbmraw.600.1 pcl macpro macpro 10811 7 
tests_private/pcl/pcl5ccet/31-03.BIN.pbmraw.600.1 pcl macpro macpro 10816 4 
tests_private/pcl/pcl5ccet/32-04.BIN.pdf.ppmraw.600.0 pcl pdfwrite i7b i7b icc_work-10817 3 
tests_private/xl/pcl6cet3.0/C417.bin.ppmraw.75.0 pcl macpro snow 10816 4 
tests_private/xl/pcl6cet3.0/C421.bin.pbmraw.75.0 pcl macpro macpro 10807 11 
tests_private/xps/xpsfts-a4/fts_27xx.xps.pdf.ppmraw.72.0 xps pdfwrite i7 i7 icc_work-10817 3 Seg_Fault

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