[gs-regression] local cluster regression 84cb959e0a2ed1cb0a898b8e2bebf120f55ebc57

marcos.woehrmann at artifex.com marcos.woehrmann at artifex.com
Wed Jan 18 19:51:01 UTC 2012

84cb959 Allow multiple PJL commands with the -J option.
commit 84cb959e0a2ed1cb0a898b8e2bebf120f55ebc57
Author: Henry Stiles <henry.stiles at artifex.com>
Date:   Thu Jan 12 09:47:07 2012 -0700

    Allow multiple PJL commands with the -J option.
    Previously only 1 PJL command could be issued on the command line with
    the -J option.  Now multiple commands may be issued by separating
    commands with a semicolon:
    Unfortunately, the odd behavior of HP's PJL parser does not allow
    whitespace before "@PJL" which should start a new command each on a
    different line, similarly there can be no leading white space at the
    beginning or after a semicolon.

Changed files:

Products tested: ls pcl xps 

ran 11922 tests in 704 seconds on 11 nodes

No differences in 9520 non-pdfwrite/ps2write tests

No differences in 2402 pdfwrite tests

No differences in 0 ps2write tests


The following 9 regression file(s) had differences but matched at least once in the previous 50 runs:
tests_private/customer_tests/bug691464b.xl.pbmraw.600.1 pcl x6 x6 1eb9f0069dce7d626118333fd51477d734daa88e 46 
tests_private/pcl/pcl5ccet/29-07.BIN.ppmraw.600.1 pcl i7 kilometers 25198491321b0540910d9aaa6dcc4367f2098dab 2 
tests_private/pcl/pcl5ccet/32-01.BIN.pbmraw.600.1 pcl macpro macpro 91f728c058e3ab4705e53916d07597c7a755c730 3 
tests_private/pcl/pcl5efts/fts.2132.pdf.ppmraw.600.0 pcl pdfwrite macpro macpro f6b83ef318aaf22b84cdeca55ba40208b9c3caad 11 
tests_private/pcl/pcl5efts/fts.2132.ppmraw.600.1 pcl meters miles 25198491321b0540910d9aaa6dcc4367f2098dab 2 
tests_private/pcl/pcl5efts/fts.2290.pdf.ppmraw.600.0 pcl pdfwrite meters miles 25198491321b0540910d9aaa6dcc4367f2098dab 2 
tests_private/pcl/pcl5efts/fts.2290.ppmraw.75.0 pcl inches x6 25198491321b0540910d9aaa6dcc4367f2098dab 2 
tests_private/pcl/pcl5efts/fts.2291.pdf.ppmraw.600.0 pcl pdfwrite meters i7b 25198491321b0540910d9aaa6dcc4367f2098dab 2 
tests_private/xl/pcl6cet3.0/C706.bin.pbmraw.75.0 pcl x6 x6 defb2b18e49123f4cad571070156a27ece868652 12 

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