[gs-regression] local cluster regression 406c8ff0f0414294e52d27d706db51dd11f83725

marcos.woehrmann at artifex.com marcos.woehrmann at artifex.com
Wed Jan 18 20:45:55 UTC 2012

406c8ff PJL support for the resolution variable.
commit 406c8ff0f0414294e52d27d706db51dd11f83725
Author: Henry Stiles <henry.stiles at artifex.com>
Date:   Wed Jan 18 10:22:47 2012 -0700

    PJL support for the resolution variable.
    The PJL resolution variable is now properly supported, for example "PJL
    SET RESOLUTION = 300" will see the resolution for the next job to 300
    but will be overridden if -r is given directly on the command line.
    Note the PJL resolution is only one value, there is no way to specify
    asymmetric resolution as there is with the -r option.

Changed files:

Products tested: ls pcl xps 

ran 11922 tests in 678 seconds on 11 nodes

No differences in 9520 non-pdfwrite/ps2write tests

No differences in 2402 pdfwrite tests

No differences in 0 ps2write tests


The following 2 regression file(s) had differences but matched at least once in the previous 50 runs:
tests_private/pcl/pcl5efts/fts.2130.ppmraw.600.1 pcl macpro macpro defb2b18e49123f4cad571070156a27ece868652 16 
tests_private/pcl/pcl5efts/fts.2290.pbmraw.600.1 pcl macpro macpro 993377ba237144726cd25e2d8851c70090370dd4 10 

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