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brenku2 Good afternoon10:43.12 
kens Good Morning :-)10:43.25 
brenku2 I have a question for someone in the know10:43.39 
  Oho, you said morning. I'm in Finland so we just had lunch ;)10:43.51 
kens I'm in the UK so its still morning here10:44.06 
brenku2 We use ghostscript as an automated service on a local server to convert our postscript files.10:44.34 
  We talked a few months ago actually, kens10:44.47 
kens I'm afraid you'll have to excuse me, I have practiclally no memory at all :-(10:45.10 
brenku2 Same here xD10:45.16 
  I only know from my notes I took10:45.21 
  I am writing documentation on this10:45.32 
  and I wanted to put the ghostscript logo in the documentation10:45.44 
  but wanted to make sure I was allowed to do that10:45.53 
kens Ah, that's going to be a non-technical question I can't answer10:46.03 
brenku2 oho10:46.11 
kens You would have to check with the commercial type people in the office.10:46.20 
  Which is in California10:46.31 
brenku2 ah ok. I know we are not needing a license10:46.58 
kens I'm not even sure who to ask....10:47.02 
brenku2 For our use case I mean10:47.04 
kens This is internal only docuymentation right ?10:47.15 
brenku2 Yes10:47.19 
  In case I die or get fired. :P10:47.28 
kens Well I can't believe that would be a problem but its wise to check10:47.35 
brenku2 ok10:47.38 
kens give me a minute to look for an email address10:48.02 
  OK I suggest you contact Kate Degennaro10:48.58 
brenku2 Thank you Kens10:49.07 
kens That's (spelling the email address) kate dot degenarro at artifex.com10:49.19 
  Do make it clear this is all internal, ntohing being published, not on the wider net etc.10:49.42 
  You oculd also mention me and suggest she asks me if in doubt about what its for10:50.21 
  I can probably remember that long :-)10:50.34 
brenku2 haha, ok, I will do so10:50.43 
  I don't NEED to add it, just kinda wanted to :)10:50.52 
kens Yeah its fair enough, I can't see anyone will have a problem, but yes, good to ask10:51.09 
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