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sh4rm4^bnc Robin_Watts: sounds good. updated README with your text.01:21.19 
sebras tor8 (for the logs): I'm seeing that android.widget.View.getLocationOnScreen() returns a position with a negative x coordinate when I go portrait -> landscape -> portrait. The problem is that this is later propagated down to mupdf/jni which causes an exception. need to research this a bit further.02:19.22 
  not sure what is the correct behaviour here yet.02:19.34 
Robin_Watts sebras: You might hope that it's a momentary aberration?10:22.01 
sebras Robin_Watts: maybe because it doesnt happrn every time.10:49.48 
  Robin_Watts: i think what is happening is that the page is too wide for the screen when going from landscape to portrait.10:50.34 
  this is really ok, but what is problematic is that we ask mupdf to draw starting from x-coordinate -115 so perhaps some offset is wrong somewhere.10:51.35 
Robin_Watts sebras: You'd imagine that we should have clipped that draw request away to nothing before it gets that far :(10:55.04 
sebras Robin_Watts: if the page is indeed wider than the viewport i guess we should simply have ha positive x0, not a negative one.10:57.00 
Robin_Watts sebras: Indeed.10:57.20 
sebras Robin_Watts: but it is intermittent in that this doesnt happen evrry time.10:57.50 
buhtz hi. some MuPDF developers or users here?12:59.41 
  I would like to know if I can add/create annotatiions in PDF files with MuPDF. The website says it "supports" annotations and highligthing. But I can not find a way. I am using MuPDF on debian unstable.13:01.09 
Robin_Watts buhtz: What version?13:02.47 
  buhtz: MuPDF is a portable C library for doing PDF(and other file formats) manipulation/rendering.13:03.26 
  Plus it comes with various simple examples (like viewers for linux, windows and android).13:03.43 
  The core C library can do things that aren't exposed in the viewers.13:03.59 
buhtz Debian says: 1.9a+ds1-2. In the gui I see no way to ask MuPDF for a vesion. "mupdf -v" doesn't exist.13:04.26 
Robin_Watts buhtz: Right. So the short answer is that annotation editing is not supported in the viewer on linux.13:05.14 
  It is supported on the android viewer for example.13:05.22 
  The core library does it, we've just not exposed it in the linux viewer.13:05.35 
buhtz Sorry. I don'T understand what you mean. I did "apt install mupdf". And now it is there. But it doesn't tell me its version. ;)13:06.02 
tor8 buhtz: creating annotations works only in the iOS and Android apps13:07.46 
buhtz thanks for explanation. So the Debian MuPDF can view annotations but can not create them?13:08.14 
tor8 buhtz: there are core APIs to do it using the mupdf library, but those are still a work in progress and should be much improved in one of the next releases (1.11 or 1.12)13:08.27 
  buhtz: correct. we can display annotations, but only edit and create a subset of annotation types and only on the smartphone apps.13:09.04 
  that is, we can display annotations everywhere. editing is limited to the apps.13:09.25 
sh4rm4^bnc i reckon you guys might now: what is the best modern ebook reader ? i used to have a grayscale e-ink device a couple years, but many ebooks used such small fonts that it was impossible to read them. i had to use a pdf-to-text converter and word macro to generate a new pdf with readable font size.16:44.03 
Robin_Watts sh4rm4^bnc: No idea, sorry. I have a nook and a kindle. I like the nook, but it's not a paperwhite screen.16:46.24 
  I'm not sure you can get paperwhite nooks, so if I was buying again, it'd be paperwhite kindle.16:46.55 
sh4rm4^bnc having a paperwhite screen is not a requirement. i even figured these days an android tablet might be the better choice.16:47.18 
kens Isn't the Nook dead ? I thought Barnes and Noble had given up on it16:47.20 
sh4rm4^bnc a requirement is though that it can use my pirated pdfs lol16:47.57 
kens Hmm paparently they are still available16:48.02 
Robin_Watts kens: I convert ebooks using calibre, and the nook reads them just fine.16:49.49 
  I did have mupdf running on the nook at one point.16:50.12 
kens I thought they had dropped the Nook, but it appears not16:50.17 
sh4rm4^bnc can it read regular pdf from an sd card oslt ? or just stuff bought from a store ?16:51.17 
Robin_Watts sh4rm4^bnc: If you root the nook and build mupdf for it, you can read PDFs from the onboard memory or the microSD card.17:03.28 
  but it doesn't have multi-touch, so zooming is "tricky" :)17:03.45 
sh4rm4^bnc the built-in ebook reader app doesnt support pdf's loaded via usb cable or microsd ?17:05.33 
Robin_Watts I haven't tried.17:06.27 
  Prof google says it does.17:07.04 
sh4rm4^bnc nice.17:07.43