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DoopyDoo Hi.. I'm getting gs64c.exe crashes with Windows 10x64 and I'm not sure what to do about them. I read something about compiling it but I've never compiled something before. Oddly I'm only having crashes with GhostScript 9.21... 9.20 works fine.08:00.06 
kens You cold report a bug....08:00.19 
DoopyDoo I wanted to try and compile first to see if it's been fixed08:01.27 
kens Well, if you want to try the current code then you need a copy of the MSVC Visual Studio Community Edition08:01.51 
  Or at least a copy of Visual Studio, at least 200508:02.04 
  Then you will need to clone our repository using Git08:02.24 
DoopyDoo huh. The google results suggested using something called mingw08:02.39 
kens Well you could do that, I wouldn't08:02.53 
DoopyDoo Why not?08:03.01 
kens Its a 'Linux on Windows' thing08:03.02 
  How are you at running Linux ?08:03.16 
  Its also not really a supported build envbironment08:03.36 
DoopyDoo Beginner.. I do have a virtualbox with CentOS on it.08:03.41 
kens Well the main problem is that its not really a supported configuration, so we may not be able to spend the time with you that you would need if it doesn't work08:04.13 
DoopyDoo What is a supported configuration08:04.24 
kens I'd get Vuisual Studio myself. It is free08:04.25 
  For Windows we use and support the use of Visual Studio, for Linux we use and support gcc/clang08:04.48 
DoopyDoo can CentOS output a Window 64-bit executable?08:04.50 
kens No08:04.54 
DoopyDoo Didn't think so08:05.05 
kens Not without serious meddling anyway08:05.17 
  You could run Wine and then run VS in that.08:05.26 
  The MS VS community edition is free to download08:05.39 
  for non-commercial use08:05.45 
DoopyDoo I'm downloading it now08:06.27 
kens OK once you've got that, you'll still need a copy of Git, if you want to try current code08:06.45 
DoopyDoo kens: What do I need to select on the install screen? there's a lot of 'workloads' here that might be necessary for compiling this properly08:07.31 
kens Don't know, I'm using the full fat edition08:07.51 
DoopyDoo UWP, C++, .NET...08:07.51 
kens C or C++ is all you need08:08.00 
  Once you have VS and Git installed, launch the git client08:09.54 
  Its running in Msys (another Linux on Windows)08:10.10 
  got to a convenient directory, eg cd /c/projects woudl switch to the C:\projects directory08:10.36 
  You might need to make a convenient folder of coure08:10.44 
  Then "git clone https://git.ghostscript.com/ghostpdl.git"08:11.33 
  When you've done that you should end up with a directory tree starting 'ghostpdl'08:12.00 
  Under that will be a 'Windows' directory, containing GhostPDL.sln, you need to use Visual Studio to open that file.08:12.36 
  It will then tell you its for an older version oof Visual Studio and offer to convert it, say 'yes'08:12.56 
  It will also offer to backup files cefore starting, its your choice tehre, it shouldn't matter whether you do or not08:13.21 
  That will then leave you with the solution open and ready to build.08:13.37 
  You should have a tree in the 'solution explorer', which I think starts open on the left. It will have 'All', 'ghostpcl', 'ghostpdl', 'ghostscript' and 'ghostxps'08:14.29 
  You can either build the whole lot, or just ghostscript08:14.47 
DoopyDoo It's cloning right now so this shouldn't be much longer08:14.57 
kens To build just ghostscript right-click on the 'ghostscript' label and select 'build' from the context menu08:15.19 
  NB you need to make sure you build the 64 bit version, not the 3208:15.35 
  Unfortunately I'm not running the smae version of VS, and so my instructions may be out of step with your UI (I hate the flat UI look of later editions and so don't use them)08:16.16 
  Somewhere, probably up the top of the window should be a couple of drop-down boxes with 'Debug' or 'Release' and 'Win32' or 'x64' in them08:16.56 
DoopyDoo Ok it did the migration. A lot of warnings. no errors though08:17.22 
kens THat's fine, teh warnings are expected08:17.30 
  So start up VS08:17.46 
  File->Open 'Solution or Project'08:18.06 
  Find the ghostpdl/windows/ghostpdl.sln file08:18.19 
  Oops no you did that already08:18.27 
DoopyDoo ok I right clicked ghostscript and did build, the build failed. uploading a log..08:18.34 
kens Intriguing :-)08:18.48 
DoopyDoo https://spit.mixtape.moe/view/bf6742d2#wqw7D6qMXG7kuoKMtBl78zqXEvhEnap708:18.57 
kens Hmm, taking a while08:19.12 
  That's not, or doesn't seem to be a build log08:19.29 
  It looks like a bunch of binary08:19.41 
DoopyDoo huh, weird, let me try again08:19.51 
  https://spit.mixtape.moe/view/e8862c23 try this one08:20.17 
kens Much better, give me a sec08:20.30 
  Wow, can't find sys/types.h08:21.06 
  That would suggest the path isn't correct.08:21.22 
DoopyDoo I didn't touch anything tho08:22.00 
kens No its not you08:22.07 
DoopyDoo hm08:22.09 
kens THat is a standard file and should be included with the compiler08:22.17 
DoopyDoo maybe the problem is it's building off the debug profile08:22.18 
  let me try building off the release profile08:22.22 
kens Its possible you might need to reboot your system after installing VS08:22.31 
  It won't be the configuration08:22.40 
DoopyDoo alright brb08:22.52 
kens It needs that file no matter what, its pretty basic08:22.53 
  chrisl ping08:23.25 
chrisl kens: pong08:23.38 
kens Looking at the build log there DEVSTUDIO is set as ""08:23.53 
  Do you remember if we have code in the makefile to set it correctly for the current version of VS ?08:24.17 
DoopyDoo_ Ok I'm back08:24.33 
kens Admittedly it *is* running the compiler08:24.36 
DoopyDoo_ ok same errors as last time08:25.34 
kens Hmm08:25.41 
  OK lets try a different way08:25.45 
  From teh start menu there should be a 'Microsoft visual studio' folder08:26.08 
chrisl The makefile should make an intelligent guess at the install folder08:26.18 
kens With 'visual studio tools'08:26.24 
  And in the tools should be a command prompt08:26.41 
DoopyDoo_ There's a Visual Studio 2017 shortcut in the root of my start menua nd a Visual Studio 2017 folder that contains a tools directory08:26.42 
kens Damn08:26.49 
  They've obviously changed that08:26.56 
DoopyDoo_ developer command prompt?08:26.56 
kens Yes that one08:27.00 
DoopyDoo_ alright08:27.10 
kens OK cd to your ghostpdl directory08:27.20 
  then type namek -f psi/msvc64.mak08:27.39 
  nmake -f psi/msvc64.mak08:27.50 
DoopyDoo_ hm. https://i.imgur.com/nEUvvuw.png08:28.07 
  I'll just copy it into this source directory or whatever08:28.24 
kens Just cd to where you installed Ghostscript08:28.35 
DoopyDoo_ oh wait I got it08:28.45 
  Had to just type L: to change the drive08:28.53 
  NOW it'll let me cd to it08:28.55 
kens Indeed08:29.03 
chrisl Thing is, I'm not sure anyone here has tried VS2017 and this is the kind of issue that comes up with new versions of VS08:29.03 
kens I thought Michael had tried 201708:29.16 
  Can't ask him for 8 hours of course :-(08:29.33 
chrisl I don't know.....08:29.38 
  I wonder if I've git it08:29.49 
DoopyDoo_ https://spit.mixtape.moe/view/4bfed95808:29.52 
kens I suppose I could go get 201708:29.55 
  Hmm, so thats complaining about a space in a directory name08:30.17 
  Though I cannot see whhy, the path is wrapped in quotes08:30.47 
DoopyDoo_ it is not08:31.04 
  there's only one quotation mark08:31.07 
  line 23, right?08:31.26 
kens There's one at C: and another after cl08:31.30 
  line 2008:31.40 
DoopyDoo_ ah. line 23 only has 108:31.48 
kens Yeah but that's the error report, not the ionvocation08:32.02 
DoopyDoo_ let me make sure it's a 'real' quotation mark or one of those fake curly quotation marks08:32.25 
kens Its from our makefile so it'll be real08:32.36 
  Guess I'll have to go fetch 2017 and try it08:32.53 
chrisl I've got it08:33.14 
kens I don't even have it downloaded, just 2005, 2008 and 201208:33.23 
  chrisl I''ll get a copy anyway, but it'll take a little while08:34.25 
  If you want to try it out first08:34.33 
chrisl Building now - but it's already well past building echogs08:36.53 
kens 5.8 GB good grief08:36.55 
  I wonder what incredibuild is....08:37.24 
chrisl I'd guess it's some kind of object file caching08:37.59 
kens OK so why does your build work I wonder08:38.23 
  Hmm 4% installed this is going to take some time08:38.56 
DoopyDoo_ maybe I'm missing a dependency?08:39.02 
kens Oh and suddenly its 10%08:39.03 
DoopyDoo_ it's pretty fast08:39.10 
  sec, I may have spotted something I'm missing... it was on the right and not part of the 'workloads'08:39.58 
  whatever I'll just check all the optional shit08:40.47 
  oh jeezus that's a lot of extra stuff08:41.07 
chrisl You could also check if sys/types.h actually is there08:41.24 
DoopyDoo_ it is, that's the first thign I checked08:41.30 
kens Yeah it would be a load of stuff08:41.36 
chrisl Okay - sorry....08:41.48 
DoopyDoo_ or.. I thought I checked it.08:41.52 
kens Since it includes the SDKs for all kinds of things08:41.53 
DoopyDoo_ What the heck08:41.57 
chrisl Right, my build just completed08:42.07 
kens Hmm, well give me a little longer, I'm only at 32% installed08:42.27 
chrisl The nmake invocation is the same as one pastebinned above08:42.54 
DoopyDoo_ hang on, I'm going to reclone the thing.. I didn't get any errors when I cloned last time but I don't seem to have a sys\types.h so maybe I tricked myself into thinking I checked it when I didn't08:42.56 
kens It won't be in ghostscript08:43.09 
  That's part of the C library08:43.15 
  Finding it could be tricky08:43.44 
  For me its in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\include08:44.01 
  But that's my old version08:44.13 
chrisl kens: that can't be right08:44.37 
kens It is for my old installation08:44.47 
  sys is under include08:44.55 
chrisl Oh, VS2017 doesn't seem to have sys in there08:45.24 
kens Well, that could be a problem08:45.32 
  But it ought to be somewhere08:45.38 
  68% and counting....08:47.32 
DoopyDoo_ okay, with the C++/CLI optional dependency (why it is not default with the Desktop development with C++ workload I have no idea) I still get errors in the application but less of them08:47.59 
kens Oh well that's interesting08:48.16 
DoopyDoo_ it still can't find sys\types.h or whatever though08:48.25 
kens Not good08:48.30 
  Like I said, that's pretty basic for C08:48.38 
  82% and still going08:49.08 
  huh seems to have eaten 12 GB of my disk space already08:52.21 
  But its nearly done08:52.45 
DoopyDoo_ ok I think I fixed it one sec08:53.26 
  https://i.imgur.com/iMHI0K6.png You need these 2 optional dependencies that aren't selected by default08:53.58 
  it's building08:54.19 
kens Really ? the 2015 toolset ? How bizarre08:54.26 
DoopyDoo_ yeah I tried it with just the C++ one but it threw errors (but less)08:54.45 
kens Well the installer wants me to reboot08:54.48 
DoopyDoo_ when I also enabled the 2015 thing it starte dworkign08:54.53 
kens Back in a bit08:54.57 
DoopyDoo_ build finished!08:55.57 
chrisl DoopyDoo_: So, I think you're going to end up with an x86 build, there, rather than the x86_64 I think you talked about before?08:56.22 
DoopyDoo_ Nah I selected x6408:56.31 
  I got gswin64c.exe built08:56.37 
chrisl Okay, cool08:56.40 
DoopyDoo_ Now lets see if this fixes my issue08:56.52 
  It does!08:58.13 
chrisl Well, that's good :-)08:58.55 
DoopyDoo_ kens, I finished compiling and GhostScript is no longer crashing on the latest Win10 x6408:59.31 
kens OK well that's handy08:59.39 
DoopyDoo_ The issue seems to be only on 9.21 stable. 9.20 does not have the crash.08:59.46 
kens Probably something we already fixed then08:59.48 
DoopyDoo_ Thanks for the help!09:07.57 
kens NP09:08.00 
  I think I'm going to uninstall 2017 again, I don't have the disk space on C to install the VC++ 2015 v140 toolset and it won't let me install anywhere else09:08.38 
  MS seem to have lost track of the fact that disks are not infinite in size and people sometimes have more than one09:08.57 
  Ah but if I remove a bunch of crap it look slike I cna make it smaller....09:09.46 
chrisl kens: It's probably not worth the hassle09:13.10 
kens May as well have it for next time I guess09:13.28 
  If I run out of space I can always remove it09:13.38 
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