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sebras @ator ok, so it is possible to implement it in writeobject() by essentially setting crypt to NULL for signature objects.01:07.58 
  but that now means that verifying the signature fails since the Contents string is unencrypted.01:08.21 
  so it might be the case that we must encrypt the signature contents. I need to verify this with acrobat of course.01:08.58 
  oh and for _some_ encryption methods this means that the string is enlarged, which means that we need to know that when writing out all the objects, _before_ completing signatures..01:09.50 
  pdfref doesn't state the signature strings should be exempt.01:14.55 
  from encryption.01:15.01 
  we do not encrypt the /Contents in the signature dictionary today.01:17.21 
  it might be the case that we should.01:17.39 
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