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paulgardiner ator: thanks for the signature-field appearance stream fix.10:04.04 
sebras paulgardiner: is everything fixed signature-wise now?10:07.39 
  to the best of my understanding it is, but I might be wrong.10:07.56 
malc_ ator: https://github.com/moosotc/llpp/issues/128#issuecomment-611376176 last comment has a screenshot with some freetype issues10:56.15 
ator malc_: embedded font issues, if there's no observed problem, probably harmless10:58.44 
  some embedded fonts don't embed all the glyphs they refer to10:59.03 
  most often the 'space' character is missing10:59.14 
malc_ ator: thought it was mostly a noise10:59.16 
  oh yeah, almost forgot, thanks12:17.29 
paulgardiner sebras: it is, I believe, thanks.19:27.29 
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