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artifexirc-bot <malc> sebras: cc50c42cb179d4ec31acf896d09984db9749aae408:29.17 
  <malc> Forget both local xref and normal xref when repairing PDF.08:29.17 
  <malc> 08:29.18 
  <malc> Both local and normal xrefs when repairing PDFs.08:29.20 
  <malc> 08:29.21 
  <malc> Otherwise it reads, to me, as if you juxtapose the08:29.23 
  <malc> subjects. Secondly - as if singular PDF is concerned)08:29.26 
  <malc> 08:29.30 
  <malc> ===08:29.31 
  <malc> Then again you have British colleagues.08:29.35 
  <sebras> malc: you're probably right. I just meant to emphasize the local xref since that is what wasn't dropped.09:52.41 
  <malc> sebras: sure, it's just that some things rub me the wrong way and i have no clue who's brain to blame - mine or the commiter's09:54.22 
  <malc> sebras: https://boblycat.org/~malc/scratch/%D0%BA/topres.org14:22.56 
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