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artifexirc-bot <sebras> @ator I have reduced the file with the problematic font causing issues with Freetype new T1 engine to the essentials. first it strokes the font then it fills it.04:19.17 
  <sebras> I've tried increasing the font size. when I do so I can see that the tip of the 'a' has a small hook. when using a small font size I'm assuming this hook is relatively bigger.04:21.22 
  <sebras> when I use Freetype's old T1 engine the hook is not there.04:21.33 
  <sebras> I'll dm you the link to my test files. do you think this is enough to report to upstream?04:22.30 
  <sebras> I'm not yet fluent enough in T1 fonts to debug this further I think.04:33.44 
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