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sebras ator: those commits would allow us to answer yes to HenryStiles question I believe.00:38.22 
ator sebras: I see you missed my uglier commit to swap R/B components when inverting BGR images...08:32.34 
  I like your version better though.08:33.40 
sebras ator: I did miss that. I'll add gray scale support too.09:46.43 
ator Robin_Watts: how swamped are you? I've run into some weird transform state management issues in the text filter that's messing up redactions.15:00.27 
  the trm coordinates passed to the text_filter callback end up being incorrect15:01.07 
  I suspect something off with the gstate->sent.ctm / pending.ctm15:01.28 
Robin_Watts ator: I'm hunting for release issues at the moment.15:05.52 
  gs release issues that is.15:05.58 
ator Robin_Watts: one commit on tor/master when you got time to breathe :)16:07.32 
Robin_Watts ator: Seems plauble.16:08.21 
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